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The innovation for home use

With the speedmax you ideally supplement the training regiment of your golf pro.
Practice with the speedmax what most beginners find difficult.
The correct body rotation and the speedmax will assist in the downswing to have the necessary snap in your wrist to accelerate through the ball with speed and finish the follow through to the end position.

The complete swing with the Speedmax

Grip the handle of your club correctly and take away- complete upper body rotation with
shoulder under your chin.

Start the down swing with a little kick of the hips toward the target, drop the arms till horizontal with the ground, keep the wrist at 90 degrees, rotate your hips explosively 90 degrees to the left, maintain your head behind the ball, loosen the hand/wrist joint and let centrifugal forces stretch your wrist and follow through.

Synchronize your right arm and body rotation

Internalize the moment when the weights hit each other, the click.

Important is to have your Pro evaluate your progress and to point out the short comings.

Casting or use of your wrists in the down swing is not the norm.

“Maintain the club head in the down swing back at 90 degree wrist angle and maintain
that position until your hands have past your left knee at which point loosen the wrist and
let centrifugal force accelerate the club head through the ball."

The Speedmax is the best tool to accomplish this.


Pocket Kit

The Speedmax is available as a two-piece kit for easy transportation and always available
where ever you go.

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